Welcome Guide

  Getting Started

Beginning to use platform

Thanks for choosing Signature Club as your one stop for creating and purchasing non-fungible tokens(NFT) on the blockchain. Our platform is designed with security and ease of use as our main focus and as such, to perform any transaction which might be creating an nft or purchasing one, you must login using your wallet and verify your account. This can be done very easily. Click on the profile section of the platform to login to your wallet. Our platform is compactible with Metamask wallet and once you authorize our platform on metamask, we would receive your wallet address and create an account for you.

So what next?  After you login you would see an option to verify your account. Once you click that link, it would take you to a page where you can then input your email address and username. If the username you inserted is valid you can then send an OTP (One time pin) to your email address to verify ownership of email address. Emails may appear in Junk folder, so do well to check the Junk folder if email does not reflect in your inbox. After verification of your email, you can perform any transaction on the site.


Here, we are referring to an ethereum wallet. Like your physical wallet which houses your cas which you spend at shopping centers or for commuting, there's a crypto- wallet which also houses your funds which you spend on the site or use in receiving payments from Signature Club. Creating a wallet is easy, first you need to use a desktop pc or tablet which is compatible with any modern browser sucn as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

Next, click here to download an extension that adds the wallet to your browser. More information on how the MetaMask wallet which is what you'd be installing works can be found on the same site. If you are not sure whether you have metamask browser installed or not, click here, then select Login. If you have Metamask already installed, it will open up your metamask wallet and then ask you to authorise our platform to make use of your wallet address. Kindly enable us. Don't worry, your funds are safe, we would not run any transactions with your funds without your approval.

Once the wallet is all set, remember to set your network to Ethereum Mainnet. Your wallet comes with Ethereum Mainnet set as the default network, so this shouldn't be an issue for you, but if you happen to have changed your network at anytime, please change it back to Ethereum Mainnet to be able to use the platform.


Managing your profile

Once you are logged in, you would be taken to your profile, you would see our logo and a default banner image. To set your profile image click on our logo and select the desired picture you want from your files. You can also select a banner image for your profile by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the default banner image and selecting desired file. Remember to update this as buyers who check on your profile would see this, and the more attractive it looks, the more likely you are able to make more sales.

Available menu options

You can do one of four things in your profile which are;

  •  In Wallet
  •  Manage Collections
  •  In Shop
  •  Favourites

In Wallet shows up all the assets you have in your wallet. You can then list for sale any of the items existing in your wallet. Manage Collections takes you to where you can create a new collection to for sale at the MarketPlace. In Shop takes you directly to a listing of all the assets you are currently listing for sale at the MarketPlace. Favourites makes a listing of assets you liked at the Marketplace for which you might have an intent of purchasing later on.

Your profile does not need a password for signin as your wallet authentication has helped us achieve that security milestone, but it becomes fully functional when you have verified your account.


It's creating an asset, just that.

Signature club is an NFT platform for trading a variety of Non-Fungible digital assets. What is that asset? It is basically a digital file or a link to a location where a digital feature or service can be located. How do we create that asset? Through minting. So minting is basically a process where your asset which could be an art work or photograph, music file or sound track, an internet domain or a digital file that provides utility in some form or the other is being registered on the blockchain, which is an open ledger containing verifiable transactions carried out by multiple internet users. This file when created has you as it's original owner and this can be verified by anybody on the blockchain. So when once you place this asset for sale and it is being purchased by another user, the ownership of the asset is transferred to the new owner and your fee charged is received and would be remitted back to you. So when we say minting, we refer to registering that asset for you on the block chain. Remember that this minted asset is unique and no other of it exist anywhere on the blockchain. Just that special one you created does. To mint an nft on our platform Click here to begin.

Create a collection

You need to have a verified account with us as earlier discussed to be able to mint an NFT. The link takes you to the collectibles section where you can create a collectible and is also easy to access from your profile when logged in. A collectible is like a storefront or grouping of your assets. For instance, You might want to mint different music files and group them differently in your vast collection of assets. You can then create a collection (or store front) called "Music By Me" where anyone who views this collection would see only music works from you. You may then create another collection for Digital arts and so on. It is the first step to minting an asset as all assets sold on our platform needs to belong to a collection.

So to add a new collection, you would see a create new section. Click the coloured picture notifier icon to select an image that best describes your collection, input the title and then add a desription for your store. Next, click the "+" icon to create the collection. It's that easy.

Now let's mint a new asset into our collection

With a collection created, you can then proceed to minting a new asset. On the collections page, you would see your created collection with options to manage or add an asset. Click on add an asset to mint a new asset. You are then taken to a page where you are shown different possible categories your new asset can belong to. Select desired category and proceed with inputing the Title, description, price, file(if file os available) or link for asset existing at a different location. Select a preview image which is what would be displayed at our market place in representation of your asset and then hit the "Mint my asset" button to mint your asset. When successfully completed, you would receive a message that your asset has been minted and added to the store. That's all there is to it. You can then mint a new asset, as many as desired or also create new collections and add assets to them.

 Buying or Selling Assets

Selling an asset

Once you have minted an asset, it is listed for sale on the platform, to go through the process of minting an asset, Click here. So what if you just bought a new asset from someone else and want to sell that asset? In your profile, once you login, all nft that you own are listed under the "In-Wallet" section. So your new purchases or newly minted tokens you own can be found there. You have options to view it's activities on the blockchain or List it for Sale. So using the List for Sale option, you are then guided to select the collection it would belong to using the "Add here" button for desired collection, next you select the category of the asset, set the title, description and preview image as well as price and then list to store.

There is however a "verify" button which is a security measure implemented to ensure that said asset belongs to you as alternatively you can just use this option without passing through your wallet. That should not in anyway affect your activity if the asset is still yours and has not been transferred to someone else.

Once the asset you listed for sale has been purchased, you would receive an email alert and also your reserved fund would show up. This fund which is the charge you set for your asset will later be transferred to your wallet upon request by us. Transaction time may taken up to 48 hours but should arrive pretty much earlier.

Buying an asset

You may not be a creator but collector of the amazing assets on our platform. You may be both still and you would like to buy an asset. Visit the Marketplace to do so. You would see a variety of assets and you can sort based on your preference or search our vast collection for assets. Select desired asset which takes you to a page with full information on the asset and then hit the purchase button to buy the asset if it meets your criteria or taste. You would be charged said amount as specified by the seller as well as transaction fees which are called gas fees, charged by miners on the block chain for authenticating any transaction.

Once your purchase is complete, you would receive an email and also the purchased collection would become available in your wallet and you can re-sell it by clicking the list for sale button whenever you are ready.To buy or sell an asset, you need to be a verified user.